Plan Your Visit

Students learning about Crisfield’s rich heritage.


(November 1, 2018 through May 1, 2019):                 Saturday 10 am-4 pm only.

With other hours as announced for special events and educational programs

Other times by appointment; call 410-968-2501.

We invite you to come spend an afternoon, a day, weekend or vacation with us.  If you’re looking to explore the heritage and culture of the Chesapeake Bay, Crisfield is the place to visit.

18th Century Oystermen.

Crisfield has a history unlike any other, visit our history page that will introduce you to Crisfield’s epic tales.

Interested in nature, biology and the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay?  Visit the page Our World; Nature’s Bounty for more information.

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Getting Dirty in the Marsh. (A. Todd Image)

Ever wonder how those crabs and oysters go from being harvested out of the Bay to  reaching your table?  Since its outset, Crisfield has been at the forefront of the Chesapeake Bay seafood industry and CHF will take into this fascinating aquatic world.  This is quite an experience, one that is only brought to by the CHF.

CHF’s staff and volunteers are here to bring our world to you!

Learning about the Blue Crab Shedding Process. (A. Todd Image)

Coming to Crisfield on an impromptu day-trip?  Be sure to stop into Tawes Museum, here you’ll find our visitor center where you can get the information needed to enjoy all of what Crisfield has to offer.

We look forward to meeting you!