“Summer Camp” adventure on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay awaits grandparents and grand kids for outdoor and artistic explorations.

Two 4 Day “Summer Camps” for Grandparents and Grand Kids will be offered in Crisfield, MD. and sponsored by the
Crisfield Heritage Foundation (aka J Millard Tawes Museum).

Our Welcome Session kicks of this “Summer Camp” for Grandparents and Grand Kids with a Pool Party and Cook-out with some getting-to-know-everyone games.
July is the perfect time for this Inter-generational “Summer Camp” !!

Beginning your visit we will have a session on Journaling. You will receive your own journals to collect all of your memories from this week as well as the rest of the adventures you will take together.

Crabbing – the ultimate fun past-time for kids of all ages. I won’t say how old I am …. but I can still picture my Daddy and I tying chicken necks to a string and luring the crabs into our pail to take home to Mom to steam for lunch. Crabbing off of the shores of the famous Chesapeake Bay is an all-time favorite activity. That’s just for starters, though.

There’s Sand-Castle building instruction from a pro, right here on our very own Wellington Beach!
Which team will build the tallest? Whose will be the longest?
Who is going to build the fanciest? We are eager to see them all!
There are prizes in each category to be awarded.

Our local Master Gardener and Horticulturist will talk to us about the
Bees and Butterflies, and why it is important to attract them to our local gardens everywhere we live. We will create a local garden to attract the Bees and Butterflies. You can track the progress of the plants via our Facebook feed for months after you go back home.
After all, you want to be sure your garden thrives – and watch the bees buzz and the butterflies fly around and enjoy the flower bed you created for them. Then take the plan home and re-create it in your hometown.

During the Bonfire, you will roast hot dogs and make s’mores, and enjoy some local treats. We are looking forward to the Grandparent/Grandchild Dance-Off – or – Story Telling Night during each session.

What’s a Dance-Off, you ask? Your Grandparents have their favorite dances from their teenage years… and you have your current favorite.
Sooooo – who can teach their dance to the other? hmmmmmm….
Dancing will make for a fun time around the Bonfire.

OR – a local Storyteller will join us for the evening to regale us of some of the exploits that kids throughout time have been known to get into around here! Our very own Huck Finns and Tom Sawyers ……

Painting on Crab Shells and Oyster Shells  
Awesome! What could be more fun, or more of a memory than creating your own ornaments and memories with paint, your creativity and Crab shells and oyster shells form right here in Crisfield, Maryland.

Does learning Stand-Up Paddle-boarding interest you?
Launching off our very own beach in the calm shallow waters of the Bay, you will have lots of tries to get it right. No worries about falling off into deep water. Then when you have it mastered, the Instructor will take the group for an SUP excursion. Bring that sun protection !

Of course we have to take a trip to the Discovery Center and check out all of the local marine life that thrives in our area. You will want to be able to recognize it when you come across different marine species in your waterways travels during the week.

Kayaking will be on the schedule for one of the two sessions as well. What could be more enjoyable than kayaking through the waterways, and learning about the Eco-system, and bird-watching the many species that live here in the forests and trees especially around Janes Island State Park.

A true gift to take home, is a carving that you each will create during instruction from our local World Class award-winning carver,
Rich Smoker. Carving is an ancient art form, and Rich has updated techniques that anyone can follow as you create your own carving.

One of our local Chefs will open her Pizza Shoppe to the group and will give each person dough to work with, and instruct us all how to make the perfect pizza, and how to top it to perfection with our favorites.
Then into the huge pizza oven to bubble up so we can EAT OUR PIZZAS !

After pizzas – There will be a dessert stop! Our local Sweets Shop boasts hand made donuts, cakes, ice cream, brownies and cookies… among other delights. We MUST stop in to taste test!

A few days after you return home, you will receive a photo book, capturing the adventures you enjoyed here together. We want you to have these memories to treasure forever, of the time you spent with us here on our Eastern Shore.

Two 4 Day “Summer Camps” for Grandparents and Grand Kids will be happening in Crisfield, MD. in July and sponsored by the
Crisfield Heritage Foundation (aka J Millard Tawes Museum).

Our local Museum is named after John Millard Tawes. He was the 54th Governor of Maryland in the United States from 1959 to 1967. He remains the only Marylander to be elected to the three positions of State Treasurer, Comptroller, and Governor. We are proud that he is from our tiny town of Crisfield. His family still lives here and carries on his traditions of caring about this community.
We are very proud to open up our shores to Welcome two generations of your Family to learn and have fun as you enjoy our artistic and outdoors activities combined in each session’s adventures.
All you have to decide is – WHICH 4 Day Session is for YOU !!

July 18th – July 22nd

July 22nd – July 26th

For More Information and to be added to the Waiting list….
Send an email to: marymazzullo@gmail.com

We are looking forward to Hosting you here in Crisfield, MD.