Howard retires from Crisfield Heritage Foundation

CHF_HowardTim1_2016(CRISFIELD, MD – November 19, 2016) Crisfield Heritage Foundation Curator Tim Howard recently announced he is retiring at the end of 2016, with plans to continue serving as a speaker and contracted administrator of the local Road Scholar program the non-profit organization facilitates each spring and fall.

In Crisfield, CHF facilitates Road Scholar week-long adventures, including “Maritime Heritage in Crisfield, Maryland and the Chesapeake Islands,” and “Woodworking: Decoy Carving like the Old Masters.”

A Crisfield native, Howard joined CHF as a volunteer around 2004, sharing his love and knowledge of the area’s history as a walking tour guide for groups visiting the area. He officially joined the staff as Curator in 2007, where he has continued as the face of the J. Millard Tawes Historical Museum and local Road Scholar program to many locals and guests alike.


“I have very much enjoyed meeting people and introducing them to the area and our culture,” commented Howard. “What I’ve enjoyed most, however, is giving locals an opportunity for their heritage to be shared and appreciated by shining a light on their memories, and their stories. It’s like giving locals their fifteen minutes of fame, with recognition they truly deserve.”

Over the years, Howard has introduced thousands of guests to Crisfield, through his walking tours and curated exhibitions at the J. Millard Tawes Historical Museum. To Howard, his most meaningful contributions include the 88 Photographs and the Alive & Dead Box exhibitions. Displayed in 2010, 88 Photographs showed professionally produced images of Crisfield during the 1938 crab pickers’ strike and the beginning of the Congress of Industrial Organization’s (CIO) collective bargaining agreement with local crab packers.

“The journey of the original negatives from Crisfield to the West Coast and back over a 50-60 year period is nearly as interesting as the story the images tell,” commented Howard.

Opening in 2011, the Alive & Dead Box exhibition displayed photographs taken over a lifetime by Gordon’s Confectionery owner Kenny Evans. Patron’s photographs were stored in a cigar box but as the box could no longer contain all the photos, a second box was commissioned to hold those photos of individuals who had passed away.

“The Alive & Dead Box exhibition brought so many new faces to the museum—many who may have thought they weren’t interested in museums. To have more than 150 people contribute and attend—many stepping foot in a museum for the first time—has been a highlight of my career.”

Howard has deep roots in Crisfield, with his family involved in the seafood business for many years.

“Tim’s work with the Foundation comes out of his love of history and the area,” said CHF Chair Jay Tawes. “Over the years, he has stepped in to cover many roles beyond Curator, and with his even-keeled manor and knowledge, has done a great job. His heart is in the museum, and we are extremely grateful for his years of service, and the opportunity to continue working with him.”

Howard earned his Bachelor of Arts in history from Salisbury University and plans to continue being a lifelong learner and participating in the Foundation’s Road Scholar program.

Road Scholar was founded in 1975 as Elderhostel, with a mission to inspire adults to learn, discover, and travel. A not-for-profit education organization, Road Scholar has guided generations of knowledge seekers on transformative learning adventures from Greenland to Cuba and nearly every locale in between. Elderhostel was rebranded Road Scholar in 2010 to reflect the growth and evolution of the organization and of the legions of loyal lifelong learners who rely on its programs for an in-depth study of the world. More information is at

The Crisfield Heritage Foundation’s mission is to preserve the heritage of Crisfield and its environs; to educate the public concerning this heritage; and to serve as the central hub around which tourism in the Crisfield area revolves. CHF’s entities include the J. Millard Tawes Historical Museum & Gift Shop, Ward Brothers Workshop, J. Millard Tawes Library, Cedar Island Marsh Sanctuary, and the Crisfield Customs House.

The second floor, waterfront Chesapeake Room at CHF’s Tawes Museum is now available for private rentals, with more information at 410-968-2501.




Tim Howard recently announced he will be retiring at the end of the year as Curator of the Crisfield Heritage Foundation, where he has worked furthering a mission of preserving the heritage of Crisfield and its surroundings since 2004. Howard plans to stay on as a speaker and contracted administrator of the local Road Scholar program the organization facilitates each spring and fall. The non-profit organization operates and supports the J. Millard Tawes Historical Museum, Ward Workshop, Crisfield’s Customs House, Oyster Reef Gift Shop, and the Cedar Island Marsh Sanctuary.